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Master Franchisee

A Master Franchisee is an investor who pays the franchisor an initial fee to secure the rights to develop the business under the brand name in a specified region. The Master Franchisee is then responsible for recruiting franchisees in that area and providing training and additional ongoing support. In essence, the master franchisee can be regarded as a mini-franchisor, managing and benefitting from franchisees in a particular territory.
The Helen O’Grady International Preschool is looking for Master Franchisees for different states in India.
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A franchisee is one who wishes to set up his/her own preschool with support from the Helen O’Grady International for their Early Learning Solutions.

Support Offered

- Complete Curriculum and Lesson Plans

- Training around the year and three monitoring visits to ensure that quality is maintained.

- Brand Building and tracking of the marketing strategy for each franchisee.

- All toys, Equipment, Books supplied to make it easier to set up quickly.

- An ambience manual to guide the setting up of the interiors of the preschool.

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Powered By Associations

If you are a mainline school and wish to associate with us to take the support of curriculum and training, we would be priviledged to discuss the Powered By mode of operation with you.

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