Directors of Helen O'Grady International Preschool

Mrs. Arpita Mittal

CEO - India

Director - Africa

Instrumental in the launch of the programme in India, Mrs. Arpita Mittal was trained in the exclusive methodology of this drama system by Helen O' Grady, Executive Director HOGI, in Perth, Australia. With a Masters in English, Mrs. Mittal has had multiple years of teaching experience in various colleges of Mumbai, language supervision in Swedish and Canadian Embassies and in Walt Disney, India. Her sustained commitment and belief in alternative learning tools have ensured a consistent expansion and growth of this unique programme across the country.

Mrs.Archana Dange

Experience of 30 years in the field of education, the last 14 especially with preschool education, Mrs. Archana Dange is a Cherie Blair Alumni and an author with Oxford University press for Kindergarten and Primary textbooks. With a Masters Degree in Zoology Archana won a scholarship to be part of a UN sponsored Environmental Education Programme held at Centre for Environment Education, Ahmedabad and specialized in Environmental Education. She was selected as one of the India representative on the IVP programme of the USIS, Chennai and spent three months as a diplomat in the US visiting different educational institutions.

She was a recipient of ‘The Woman in Green Business Award” by the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board for her efforts in Solid Waste Management in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu. She believes in creative methods in education through storytelling, music, theatre in education. Having worked with preschools across the country over 14 years, she has a firm belief in the holistic nature of education that is more outdoor and hands on for the child. She has also travelled to Norway and Greece to understand different educational systems and present papers of her experience.

Mr. Chakravarthy S.Birur

A graduate in physics and a number of laurels in sports, Chakravarthy is a fitness freak. Recognizing that fitness and health are habits to be formed from childhood, Chakravarthy realised that there was little or no sports programs that were age appropriate for children below eight years of age. He has developed the sports programme for toddlers at the Helen O’Grady International preschool. Chakravarthy is an entrepreneur and a cycling enthusiast.

Having cycled a 1,000 kms to and fro, from Chennai to Vijayawada, he is also a founder member of Coimbatore Cycling which mentors people who like to challenge themselves in long distance endurance cycling. A tri-athletes and a recipient of the PBP Medal, he also is a partner is a store called Cycology, that sells high-end sports bicycles.

Mr. Pankaj Mittal

An engineer and a creative innovator, having been responsible for introducing and successfully launching several products. A long and distinguished career of over thirty seven years - in marketing and business development with the Birla group. Developed products that have made a significant contribution towards improving the health and hygiene of young women, across India. A people’s person with empathetic understanding and a keen interest in education.

Harsh Sakseria

Mr. Harsh Seksaria started his academic experience from his formative schooling years at Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai. A graduate of the Sydenham College, Mumbai, he was fascinated by the energy of Helen O' Grady Drama classes while on a visit to New Zealand and decided to bring the programme to India. Over the last several years, he has put in considerable effort to build a capable team that will deliver the objectives of the Drama Academy and enable its expansion throughout India.