Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

The Helen O'Grady International Early Learning Solution Preschool will strive to develop and uphold best practice in the provision of an early childhood service.

We are committed, through our early learning centers, to building a view of the world as one, integrating international thought with native ethos, thereby nurturing leaders of the future that respect all communities and cultures, celebrate diversity and collaborate with each other.

The Helen O’Grady International preschool is a place where all children grow not just in size, not even in knowledge, but in curiosity, courage, confidence, independence, resourcefulness, resilience, patience, compassion, competence and understanding

Our Mission

1. To develop a dynamic , emergent curriculum that integrates all children into the joy of learning and discovery through fun.
2. To ensure accurate, flexible and child centered delivery of curriculum through well trained and well motivated staff.
3. To spread these methods and curriculum through the world so more children can take advantage of the well researched practices.
4. Through the emergent curriculum ensure children are involved in the very creative process of learning ; and expression of their thoughts and ideas.
5. Through the curriculum, method and the environment, provide opportunities for children's expression in a hundred different ways.
6. To recognize the tripartite role of parents teachers and society in providing a developmentally appropriate milieu for social, emotional and cognitive growth.
7. To provide opportunities and spaces for physical, motor and sensory motor integrated development.
8.to acknowledge the need for every child to wonder, think, play and create at a unique pace and provide the space for it.
9.To understand that questions and inquiry are the basis for all scientific learning and therefore encourage the same.
10. To provide opportunity for all children to become leaders , take responsibility and develop a social consciousness.
11. To inculcate values and morals so that every child experiences and thereby learns the need for equality and justice, peace, joy and truth.