The world has turned around the pandemic corner – at least in our country! This means that we will soon start looking for admission for our children into preschools. For me, as a parent, that is indeed a welcome move!

My four year old and I have had wonderful bonding moment, learning together, using the home schooling kits, playing games and being with each other 24X7. And now, my child is waiting to meet more people her age.

Having homeschooled for the last few months, I know how much of my time is taken in the whole process. When the child wants to explore further into a particular topic, we spent hours looking for answers, and discussing the topic as a family. So I loved the fact the the knowledge acquiring was curiosity led. This is one thing I would like to continue even after school reopens.

I know that my child missed the music and movement time, the drama classes, the sports and games times, the exchange os snacks during snack time and the smell of the books in the preschool library. And thankfully all that will be back soon!

Sending a child to preschool is important, for me. I believe children get a certain level of independence. They become more self reliant. They develop their own circle of friends and interact with other adults within as safe system. And therein begins their journey into the world as social beings.

A preschool ensures that children interact with a lot of materials. And that is also very important because children are the sensori motor stage of learning depends on stimuli to enhance and ignite their learning. So a child would have blocks, sand, water, clay, sponge, paint, mud and so many textures to interact with.

My child loves the atelier in her Reggio Emilia set up. She loves getting messy with paint and mixing colours. He atelier teacher (called the atelierista) encourage children to express themselves using nature, music, a thought or a picture as a provocation.

The music and movement time is exciting too. Scarves, ribbons, drums, shakers all find their way into the child’s sensory diet and children learn to listen to the music keenly enough to keep pace with the rhythm and the beat.

Language development and communication is enhanced in the child thanks to the constant listening to speech, and the child’s attempt at participation in group discussions or while playing. In the Helen O’Grady International Preschool focus is on language building through Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. A wonderful Phonics programme sets a strong base to pronunciation and word recognition. Vocabulary is built by consistent engagement through word walls and story books.

The strong reading programme builds an active interest in stories and a love to be surrounded by books. It builds a habit of reading even at home and the child takes pride in exploring the newspaper or a magazine that the adults in the home read.

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Sports and games, in the Helen O’Grady International is extremely well devised. The sports programme gives them the courage to handle balls, hockey sticks, tennis rackets and so on – exposing them to the skills needed for each of these games and working on the agility and the stamina building. The best part of having sports, games every day is that the child comes home hungry and is excited about eating well. Also the sleep pattern is regularized, since the well exercised body demands an early bed time.

In the Helen O’Grady International Preschool, the Sensory Motor Integration has been devised as two sessions per week for all children. A set of exercises, activities, cognitive engagement looks not only at the five senses but at propioception, vestibular and introception.

Games too are structured and unstructured. Structured games are taught to the child. These are group games and I find when my daughter goes to play with other friends in the colony, she is teaching them a game or two that she learnt at preschool. This builds leadership and communication as well.

Learning the ABCs and the 123 s are the cake….but the skills learnt in a preschool through all these well structured and well researched extra activities are surely the icing on the cake!


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